WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

With the weather dropping down to as low as -13 degrees this week, it gets difficult to decide what to wear. How can a Fashionista stay warm yet still look chic? Is it a battle between choosing one or the other? The answer is no. You can choose both warmth and style!

This Fashionista does just that. She braved the cold in a down MICHAEL Michael Kors jacket, which she paired with black leggings and neutral accessories. Her color scheme is perfect for winter, as it complements the gloominess of the weather. The comfy scarf, socks and head wrap add extra warmth to her outfit without looking or feeling too bulky. These accessories are must-haves when embracing the piercing cold. Your neck, calves and ears will thank you later!

She completed her outfit by matching the color of her crossbody with her lace-up boots, and the gold accents on her bag with her coat. This created a balanced and polished look and offset the different shades of gray. This Fashionista has a keen eye for neutral winter staples that make her outfit stand out on campus. She knows how to tackle the cold by accentuating both comfort and style without having to sacrifice one or the other.

One Simple Change: Switch it from day to night by substituting the goose down jacket with a peacoat. It’s lightweight without that bulky feel even when you wear extra layers. To finish the look, don some snug winter accessories that will shield you from the wind while you’re walking in the cold weather.