WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Sometimes the cold weather makes me wonder why I don’t go to the University of Miami in Florida rather than Miami University in Ohio. But nothing beats walking around the beautiful college campus, the atmosphere of our college town of Oxford and being with my entertaining group of friends.

My way of coping with subzero temperatures and snow flurries is to cuddle up in my bed watching Netflix, with a warm cup of tea and my laptop for some online shopping. However, the majority of the time, classes do not get canceled, and I do have to get out of bed and walk to classes in the winter wonderland.

Walking to class in the dead of winter in delightful Midwestern Ohio has one enemy, and the enemy’s name is snow. But just because there’s snow on the ground does not stop all the Fashionista/os from walking around and looking stylish on campus.

With snow on the ground and subzero temperatures, it gives everyone even more of a reason to break out those stylish winter boots that are kept in the closet waiting to be trekked through the snow.

For a casual but still put together outfit, pair a warm flannel with khakis or jeans to create a versatile outfit that you can wear in the fall or winter. A nice pair of winter boots is a must during the snowiest of seasons. These boots are stylish and practical for the snow; they also help to polish off the outfit for going to class.

One Simple Change: To dress up the outfit and to take it from a casual look to a more sophisticated look that can be worn to class, try switching jackets from the utilitarian snow jacket to a polished peacoat. It will still keep you warm, but it will create a classier look that will wow all the ladies.