WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Although I hate the cold, I love the winter clothes that come with it! The endless layers required to stay warm on a winter day provide the opportunity for a Fashionista/o to get creative and combine a mixture of different trends, styles, patterns, etc. However, being practical and staying warm while showing off your snazzy style can be a grand challenge. However, this Fashionista makes her functional cold weather outfit look effortless!

I am a big fan of layers and mixed media, which is why this Fashionista caught my attention. My favorite element of her outfit was her choice to pair a light colored vest with the darker tones of her flannel and leggings. She snagged her super soft flannel from Urban Outfitters, which she said is her absolute favorite store. Plaid is a huge trend for this winter season and I think she definitely rocks it. Her leggings are from lululemon (of course) and are also super functional. In the side angle picture of her ensemble you can see that her leggings have pockets on both sides of her thighs, giving them a super convenient addition. The cold and snow has been fierce this season, so her Sorel boots are crucial. Not only is the fur trim super cute, but it will definitely serve its purpose and keep her feet warm when bracing the cold. Layered jewelry has definitely been a continuous trend since spring of 2014, and has continued to be popular in the New Year. This Fashionista is sporting an awesome combination of bracelets with her Marc by Marc Jacobs watch. She also layered two necklaces. She even shared with me that she made the necklace on the shorter chain…definitely gets bonus style points if you ask me!

Always remember my Fashionista/os, don’t let dreary winter weather keep you from showing off your style (even if it makes it more challenging). The many layers of clothing allow you to have some fun and get creative when walking through the winter wonderland. Take some notes from this Fashionista, who makes practical and fabulous look easy!

One Simple Change: Walking to class on an absolutely frigid day? Add a scarf or a chunky sweater under the vest for extra warmth. Check out this trendy sweater from TOBI, (I own one myself).