WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

The cooler seasons provide the best opportunities to showcase creativity in terms of style because the possibilities are actually endless. Seasons like autumn and winter call for layering, and this technique to keep warm can be beneficial when trying to construct unique outfits. Clothing for cold weather can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways, so there is very little room for boring looks. Staying toasty is the biggest priority, however, and this week’s Fashionisto manages to do so with flair.

He wears a very coordinated outfit featuring a few cold weather essentials: a down puffer, a wool scarf and a snug beanie. Puffer jackets are tricky to wear because they can quickly become overwhelming, but this Fashionisto cleverly keeps things manageable by opting for a lightweight shirt underneath. Furthermore, he balances the light layer with his heavy and warm scarf. With some comfortable suede boots, he wraps up the look. Clearly, this Fashionisto knows how to avoid the bulk that usually comes along with dressing for low temperatures.

This Fashionisto also has a way with colors and patterns. His look’s palette leans towards the cooler side by incorporating lots of blues, a few neutrals and a touch of deep red. The cool tones are perfect for the winter season. This Fashionisto’s outfit also consists of double of the checkered pattern reflected in his scarf, as a regular plaid, and in his shirt, as a basket weave check. I love the cohesiveness of this entire look. Although each individual garment that this Fashionisto sports is a basic, the actual ensemble is super stylish.

When headed out into the cold, channel this Fashionisto and reduce bulkiness by being smart about choosing layers. Wear light, breathable clothing underneath one very cozy piece of outerwear. Finish off the look with cold weather essentials as accessories.

One Simple Change: For a casual date night, switch out the puffer for a duffle coat. If it is particularly chilly that night, make sure that the coat is a wool-blend.