WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Here in the Midwest, we understand that 40 degrees in winter is a heat wave, and parkas don’t get put away until April. Our snow globe of a campus quickly transforms into a polar vortex, but during the first snow, we’re finally able to pull out our winter gear.

Finally, we have a brief window of time to layer up on jackets, cardigans and accessories to take on the outdoors before being hidden in an oversized coat for the rest of the season. By choosing to include several lighter layers in lieu of fewer bulky ones, this Fashionista is able to create a more dimensional outfit. The layer of peaking lace adds texture, the sweater adds warmth, the cardigan adds color and the scarf and necklace add detail. Each additional article adds something extra to the outfit as a whole in addition to warmth. Her pants and boots are sensible for the weather, and the cuffed jeans are an additional detail to pull the look together. Together, the elements appear comfortable and practical without burying her in fabric.

Cold weather fashion doesn’t have to consist entirely of baggy sweaters and shapeless tops. You can use multiple layers to stay warm while creating an attractive form. Focus on light blouses or tops, and add layers as needed to keep warm. A fitted sweater with a heavy cardigan can appear much more put together rather than looking like you’re wrapped in a blanket.

Although clothing has to remain practical during the snowy months, it doesn’t mean that fashion has to be sacrificed.

One Simple Change: By swapping out the winter cardigan for a blazer, and revealing the sweater’s collar by removing the scarf, this outfit has the ability to transform from winter-ready to business casual for a school presentation.