WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

It is the first week back at school for us Bearcats and despite the unusually high temperatures occurring over break, the weather is back on its normal schedule of being cold, rainy and soon-to-be snowy. What you wear during the cold winter months is extremely important so that you can stay healthy and happy in order to attend class, work and events held on campus. Yes, it is easy to just throw on layers upon layers of hoodies and sweatshirts, but it is much more fun to style your cold weather pieces so that others can notice your inner Fashionista/o!

While I was running errands for one of my on-campus jobs, I spotted this Fashionista styling one of my favorite cold weather pieces: a quilted black puffer vest. The puffer vest has made a comeback since it was originally introduced in the ’90s. Back in the ’90s, puffer vests looked more like flotation devices than fashion pieces. In this day in age, puffer vests are a fashion piece that can be a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. Whether paired with a plaid boyfriend shirt, a sweater or even a long sleeve T-shirt, the puffer vest can help pull off any trend. In this Fashionista’s case, she pairs her puffer vest from Bonton with a white knit sweater from Express, dark jeans and black boots from JustFab. The white knit sweater adds a little bit of brightness to the dark palette of colors contained in her look. Other pastels, oatmeal or ivory tones would also look great in this ensemble because light neutral colors aren’t just limited to the summer months anymore. The dark jeans and black boots are essential in the cold temperatures so that your legs and feet won’t get cold while walking to class.

Most importantly, to make sure that she is extra warm in these colder temperatures, this Fashionista made sure to wear cold-weather accessories. Instead of wearing an ordinary hat and gloves set, she chose to add a knitted visor beanie from the Michael Kors collection and black fingerless gloves with faux fur on the wrist line from Aw Else Boutique (located in Downtown Greensburg). This knitted visor beanie is a fashionable alternative to headband ear warmers or earmuffs. It is very versatile and can go with any kind of chic outfit that a Fashionista would want to pull-off, not to mention it is also very warm with it being made with wool! Fingerless gloves have also been making a comeback lately because people are constantly on their phones. With these gloves, this Fashionista is able to continue texting all of her Fashionista/o friends while also keeping warm. Other great additions to her outfit include a maroon scarf from New York and Company and boot cuffs.

One Simple Change: Planning on going out for a night on the town with your best girl friends? Simply ditch the scarf for a bold and colorful statement necklace and swap the black boots for a pair of heeled black lace-up booties.