WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

It is sweater weather and I am getting super pumped to be in Europe. I found this Fashionista strolling through The College of Charleston and had to take her picture because of her Union Jack sweater! Staying warm or looking good is always a tough choice to make. That is why trendy sweaters were made, or so I think anyways. Vintage, new, bold or subtle sweaters can be layered or worn alone and still look fashionable.

This Fashionista is sporting the perfect casual sweater look. It is the perfect length to wear with leggings, too. The red in the Union Jack really helps her stand out. She jazzed it up with her gold chain necklace, to keep the attention toward the top of her outfit. The boots are subtle brown with other tones in the weathering that help infuse it into the leggings.

This is an easy outfit that can be worn anywhere. In this chilly winter staying cozy is key. If I was wearing this outfit and shopping on King Street, I would be sure to stop in Starbucks and grab a warm coffee and sink into the comfy chairs. If you are still cold, you could always grab your favorite winter coat to add more color and warmth!

Follow the footsteps of this Fashionista and you are bound to be cozy, warm and casual while doing any activity!

One Simple Change: Can’t get enough of your favorite sweater? Add a black skater skirt and tights (optional) with a heeled bootie to take you on a great girl’s night out!