WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

So, a snowstorm just occurred last night – but there is no way it’s keeping you inside all day. You plan to embrace the cold weather and meet up for a cozy coffee date with a friend. Now, what do you wear? You know for a fact that you have to keep warm while looking fashionable and staying as comfortable as you were at home, doesn’t hurt either.

This Fashionista’s outfit epitomizes warmth, style and comfort! Typically, trading in crop tops for coats and sweaters is a hard thing to do. However, her oversized military-inspired parka should definitely be one of the most exciting pieces in your winter wardrobe. Some believe that the tighter the coat, the warmer you’ll be – but it’s quite the opposite. It’s important that your everyday coat isn’t too tight, that way you can wear more layers and still have room to move just as freely as you do in the warmer months.

Let’s face it, the courage it takes to put on a pair of jeans after a snowstorm is just not attainable. While being on trend with the latest in winter style, her joggers scream comfort and are a good alternative for your favorite pair of leggings this time of year. Her tan ankle booties are the icing on top of the cake! Tan is a very complementary color to the focus color of the entire outfit – olive green. Daring to wear cute boots instead of those bulky ones you’re really supposed to wear makes her outfit all the more coffee date friendly.

Taking on the cold weather and doing so in style can get a little overwhelming. Just follow this Fashionista’s lead, and you’ll be able to make comfort and style mesh perfectly!

One Simple Change: For more winter flare, grab a beanie that matches your scarf! Hats are essential, but they aren’t always the cutest things; finding a stylish beanie will add to your outfit and keep you warm. Also, throw on a pair of thermal leggings underneath your joggers for an additional layer of warmth.