WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Cold weather is not my friend. In fact, I kind of hate it. Admittedly, it has its moments when it isn’t so bad. However, those moments really only include being curled up in a bed with coffee, ten blankets and Netflix. The rest of the time, the cold and I are not on speaking terms. As if it’s not bad enough that I can’t walk outside without my eyes watering up and my nostrils getting all weird and tingly, I’m also forced to pile on at least three layers of clothing if I want to have hope of ever regaining feeling in my body. Of course, this inevitably poses the problem of surviving the walk to class without looking like you wrapped yourself in a bunch of blankets. So, what’s a Fashionista to do?

While lots of layers are usually my go-to solution for cold weather, this Fashionista proves that you don’t have to wear everything in your closet to stay snug. Instead of piling on bulky sweaters, she chose a pair of jeans and a sturdy leather jacket as her armor. By pairing it with over-the-knee boots, she created a strong shield from the frigid temperatures without weighing herself down. Her accessories—a floral scarf and a fedora—add even more warmth while giving the look some much-needed brightness on a dreary day.

Unfortunately for all the cold-haters of the world, life demands that we venture out of hibernation every once in a while. And while we may still feel like a bear when we get out of bed, I know most people would prefer not to look like one. Bundling up in as many layers as you can find may be an easy fix, but it’s not always the most flattering. Instead, take some cues from this Fashionista and throw on a few pieces with a little extra warmth. By choosing clothing that is sturdy and form-fitting, you can keep your outfit simple and allow for necessary movement of the limbs that cold-weather clothing typically does not take into account. Add a few fun accessories, and you’ve got a hot outfit (pun intended) that even the biggest cold-haters will love.

One Simple Change: There’s no better time for a hot date than during the cold weather. Ditch the rigid leather jacket for a slouchy sweater, trade the flat boots for heels and throw on a coat for a casual but sultry look that will be sure to wow your date.