WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Say goodbye to crop tops and high-waisted shorts and hello to sweaters and leggings. For those who live in California, winter consists of sweaters and cardigans instead of thick goose-down parkas. Due to our mild winters, we can easily apply new trends to our outfits without hiding them under thick parkas. For this winter, camel-colored apparels have become a staple to everyone’s closet. Whether you go out on the streets or browse through Instagram, you will see a camel coat or sweater. By wearing a camel clothing piece, it adds a chic look to any wardrobe. This Fashionista seamlessly coordinates her neutral clothing pieces with her camel cardigan, while looking classic and warm.

By wearing a cashmere and wool scarf and cardigan, this Fashionista does not need to fear about freezing in the cold. The camel cardigan and the plaid scarf complement each other’s textures and color flawlessly. They also tie in well with this Fashionista’s ombre hairstyle. Her outfit screams a Mary-Kate and Ashley look with all of her neutral colors. Although the sky is gloomy, her outfit will emit warmness to everyone’s eyes. In order to focus on the color, camel, she wore a white shirt and black jeans. To accessorize, she added a small bag that is not too striking for her neutral outfit. To complete the look, she wears black booties to give off the modern and clean appeal.

One Simple Change: Going on a date night? To make the outfit more girly, change the booties to heeled booties or just heels. It’ll be a great way to change the outfit from day to night. It will also add a feminine touch to the outfit.