WHAT TO WEAR: Cold to Warm Weather

It is almost spring. Yes, technically spring doesn’t start until late March, but warm weather in California comes early. Because of this, we have to deal with the frustrating cold-to-warm weather. You know what I mean; it’s freezing when you step out to go to your 8 a.m. class, but once you’re trying to get some lunch in the afternoon, your three layers of clothes are making you die of heat. It is a problem we must go through every year. This Fashionista, however, takes that challenge and suppresses it.

This minimalistic look that the Fashionista is wearing is perfect for Californian weather. Wearing only two layers, she is able to deal with both weathers throughout the day. The long black coat keeps her warm and makes her look stylish in the morning. When the sun starts to come out she can take off her coat, revealing her white button-down shirt. While the upper half of her outfit looks formal, she tones down her outfit and makes it wearable for school by pairing it with a nice pair of light denim jeans, with a subtle fray at the bottom, a current trend. For shoes, the Fashionista doesn’t choose between comfort and fashion; she picks a pair of black boots, low heel, so she does not get tired from walking to one class to another.

She keeps her makeup simple by doing a winged eyeliner and putting on a deep, bright shade of red for her lipstick, adding color to her look.

Because this look is very easy to alter it in case the weather changes, it is perfect for February here. I love the entire look and she definitely pulls it off. She’s looking confident and well-dressed going to her classes on campus.