WHAT TO WEAR: Coffee Shop Study Session

Who else is stoked for the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte to make a comeback this fall? I know I am! With the first round of tests for the semester coming up, it seems like everyone is hitting up our local coffee shops for a study party. I spotted this rad Fashionista in downtown Fayetteville in between classes.

This outfit is perfect to wear while studying at a coffee shop. Coffee shops near the University of Arkansas are always packed with students this time of year, so it’s important to always look presentable. This Fashionista’s look is simple and comfortable, yet very stylish.

Layering her bracelets with her cool choker and earrings give this girl a very boho chic vibe—fitting for spending an afternoon in a coffee shop. Flatforms are very popular here on the University of Arkansas campus, and are very comfortable to wear. Her oversized bag is perfect for stowing away a few text books to carry along with her in a fashionable way, instead of lugging around her bulky backpack.

In a few weeks, it will start to get a little chillier outside. Don’t let the cold keep you from looking cute while being studious! In the upcoming months this Fashionista could add a beanie and a light cardigan to her outfit to keep her warm. Both of these layers are easy to take off once you are drinking hot coffee inside of a warm cafe. Once it starts to cool down, this Fashionsta could trade in her flatforms for a pair of converse that will cover her toes and keep them warm.