WHAT TO WEAR: Coffee Date

New Year, same coffee shop vibes right? 2017 is all about new adventures and a fresh start, making memories with the people that matter most, and looking good while doing it. Spring semester has started, and within our increasingly busy school schedules, we have to find the time to spend with people we’re closest to. It’s a favorite pastime for us college kids.

A great way to catch up with friends, meet someone new or find that perfect photo opportunity is a coffee date. Because I’m a girl, from my perspective I typically know what I want to wear while going for coffee and don’t really think about it from a guy’s perspective. So when I saw this Fashionisto, I had to snap photos of his classy look, which I believed to be an ideal look for any guy either grabbing coffee with friends or going on a date.

Starting with his turtleneck sweater, the black color screams simple, yet sophisticated, and it’s a staple piece that can easily be dressed up or down. Because he was going for an edgier look, pairing it with a long gray peacoat added more elegance to his look. Finally, finishing it off with black jeans and brown boots, he was not only prepared for the cold weather, but knew how to not overdue his attire. Now he just needs coffee, right?

This look can be altered in many different ways, from wearing blue jeans instead of black, to adding a scarf around the neck. It’s all about the vibe you want to give off, and if you’re wanting to dress down this look, swapping the peacoat for a jean jacket is a simple adjustment.