WHAT TO WEAR: Coffee and Study

The semester is nearly over, and while in elementary school this meant a week of fun activities, in college it’s quite the opposite. The end of the semester means one thing: final exams (and if you’re lucky, graduation).

In the collegiate world, when April turns into May, it’s time to hit the books and recharge the coffee addiction you’ve been denying you have. What could be more classic and appropriate than studying at a coffee shop? It has free WiFi and an unlimited amount of caffeine, for a price, of course.

Finding an appropriate place is only half of it. Knowing what to wear when deciding to tackle the notes factors more into how studying goes than one may think. Wear an uncomfortable outfit and focusing becomes impossible, but if you go too casual, nothing will get done.

This Fashionisto is no stranger to hanging out in a cafe all day, with nothing but his laptop and books to accompany him. In fact, it’s one of his favorite places to frequent. However, just because he’s studying doesn’t mean he has to rock the sweatpants look, so he prefers the opposite.

For his coffee study session, this Fashionisto chose an outfit that can actually be worn for many different societal events. Not only does it work for midday note taking, but it is also appropriate for a casual work day, or for grabbing a drink with friends. He finds that wearing an outfit like this, he’s more likely to focus on the task at hand because it’s comfortable, and it looks good.

His favorite part of this outfit are his Steve Madden Sargeant boots. Their chocolate brown color is what makes this outfit best for work or for happy hour at the bar. Since dark pairs best with dark, this Fashionisto styles his boots with dark wash Levi’s. His shirt is a forest green color that matches his tortoise shell glasses as well as his boots.

Finally, since the weather is still confused about the season, he makes sure to wear his black jacket whenever he leaves the house. Given the jacket’s basic state, he’s able to pair it with almost everything and still stay dry from the elements.

What finalizes his look is his hairstyle. After experimenting with what’s currently trending, he’s found a style that suits him best, mainly because he’s added his own twist to it. He uses pomade to keep his ‘do in style all day long.

Before getting back to his books, this Fashionisto has three pieces of advice. Solid colors are best, look at what’s trending and then add your own unique twist, and finally, make sure your clothes match your skin tone. Earthy tones work best in his case.

This semester, when the books are hitting you harder than anticipated, fear not, the solution isn’t to stress about it. Instead, put on an outfit that makes you feel and look good.