WHAT TO WEAR: Classy Days

With the warm weather sticking around in North Carolina, the East Carolina University campus has been bombarded with students in active shorts and oversized T-shirts. However, I don’t believe the heat is an excuse to not still look fashionable.

It was refreshing to see a Fashionista in one of my classes sporting a casual, yet stylish floral print dress. This A-line swing dress is not only chic, but totally comfortable and breezy on these final hot days of summer. The narrow jewel neckline is flawlessly flattering and it’s simply perfect to add a statement necklace. This Fashionista has done just that.

The classrooms tend to be cool so this Fashionista chose to add a cozy cardigan to the mix. The addition of the clear crystal necklace and the light green cardigan boosts this outfit from basic to casually chic. The embroidery around the neck of this dress adds even more spirit to the outfit. To complete her ensemble, this Fashionista paired an adorable pair of rhinestone sandals to the outfit for an extra pizzazz.

This almost effortless look is functional for both class and the heat, but also completely stylish enough to stand out in each class. The next time you want to be stylish and stay cool at the same time, opt for a similar look by taking a simple dress and enhancing it by adding accessories and a matching cardigan or blazer.

If you wanted to take this look to the next level and trade the flats for a cute pair of heels or wedges and add a cat eye, and you are ready for a night on the town with your lovely ladies!