WHAT TO WEAR: Class(y) Casual

A few weeks ago, my mornings consisted of lazily waking up and dragging myself to the beach, coffee in hand, still half asleep. Now it’s September, which means UD’s campus has replaced the beach and I’m running across the green trying to get to class on time. The beginning of a new semester is always a bit stressful and slightly overwhelming, and as much as I’d love to be immersed in it 24/7, sometimes fashion just doesn’t cross my mind. Before college, I wore a uniform to school every single day of my life; I attended private school from kindergarten to my senior year of high school. Until last fall, I didn’t have the whole “picking out an outfit for school” every morning. Finding clothes to wear to class was as easy as grabbing a clean polo shirt from my drawer and making sure my knee socks matched. The fact that I’m the kind of person who underestimates how much time I actually need to get myself to walk out the front door on time in the morning doesn’t help my “what’s a good class outfit?” dilemma.

That being said, I’m always checking out what other students are wearing around campus on a daily basis and also keeping up with the current trends. The first thing that caught my eye in this Fashionista’s outfit was her T-shirt dress; T-shirt dresses are probably my favorite staple piece, and I consider them a must-have in anyone’s wardrobe. They are so easy and comfortable to throw on in the morning, and it makes you look like you have your life together—even if you just tossed it on because you were running late and it was convenient. This Fashionista also shows that a denim jacket pairs perfectly with a simple dress, and adds a touch of style while keeping you warm in those chilly classrooms.

Comfy, yet cute is the motto when it comes to shoes to walk around campus in, and these gladiator sandals are the perfect find. They add another simple, but eye-catching element to the overall look. And finally, the bandana worn as a choker—something I personally never would’ve thought of but absolutely adore. Over the summer, I was seeing more and more bandanas tied around people’s necks, ponytails, etc. and also selling a bunch at the boutique I work at. Plus, the ’90s are making a comeback and chokers are easing their way back into the fashion world, having even been worn in multiple shows at New York Fashion Week. I love that this Fashionista combined both the choker and bandana trends and pulled it off as one; it’s a fun and unique swap for the typical necklace.

See, getting up and getting dressed for class doesn’t have to be a chore—just throw on a simple T-shirt dress and add your favorite shoes and jacket, weather permitting. Time to look cute and ace your classes this semester.