WHAT TO WEAR: "Class"y and Chic

WHAT TO WEAR: "Class"y and Chic

As a college girl in the South, oversize T-shirts, work out shorts, and running shoes are the “uniform” of everyday wear. Even when it gets cold, the go to outfit becomes oversize sweatshirts, leggings, and boots of some sort. Though this is what is popular to wear, not everyone follows it, making it easy spot the girl who decides she is going break the mold and decide to wear something different.

As second semester started to get into full swing, I began to notice this Fashionista who embodied what successfully breaking the mold looked like. Every day I would spot her sporting a new look that was always better than the last. I finally grabbed my camera, found her on the quad, and conveyed how I admired her style as well as asking if she wouldn’t mind me photographing her. She was thrilled and accepted my request. We then talked about how she loved putting new outfits together and wanted to express her style no matter what she was doing or where she was going!

In the styled look above, this Fashionista is wearing a stunning cranberry peacoat along with a black turtleneck tucked into lightly distressed blue skinny jeans. To complete the look, she added a chic cheetah print belt and a long black and gold tassel necklace. Lastly, she is wearing lightly heeled studded booties to tie everything together!

This look is perfect for a long day of class, especially in Tuscaloosa where the weather can change at any time. The coat is light enough to wear with a backpack and can be taken off if needed along with the booties being comfortable enough to get through a long day of class. This look expresses just how one can look cute and comfy while going to class without being overdressed and always being on trend!