WHAT TO WEAR: Classroom Comfort

February 24th, 2017 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: Classroom Comfort

Style Gurus, we all know Monday blues are a real thing for most college students! Fortunately, there are some positives that come along with Mondays. Monday is the start of a new week, new day, and new outfits to choose from! While I’m all about being overdressed for every occasion, sometimes it is nice to be comfortable for class. While I am not a sweatpants kind of girl, there are always alternatives for cute and comfortable outfits.

This outfit showcases a classic small checkered button-down shirt that is always versatile and comfortable for layering with other pieces. Pairing this look with blue jeans and a solid colored jacket, you can never go wrong! Shoes are always a way to spice up an outfit. Whether it’s hot pink shoes with an all black outfit, or flats with polka-dots, shoes are the personality of an outfit. This comfortable class outfit would be perfect with tan or light brown loafers, or even flats! Remember, when going to class, you want to wear a pair of shoes that are easy to walk in all day, anywhere.

Jewelry can spice up any comfortable outfit. Classic staple pieces like a gold bangle or thin-strand choker will help bring an outfit together. You never want to add a chunky necklace with a button-down because that will make the top half look off balance; especially while wearing a button-down shirt. The key points to remember when dressing for class are keep it comfortable, cohesive, and effortless!