WHAT TO WEAR: Classic With A Pop

With the start of classes, an entire summer of fun to dish about and finally being reunited with your best friends, the only thing that could make a new school year better is a killer outfit to catch everyone’s eye on the first day back. Whether your style is mostly girly, grunge or boho, classic pieces are essential and can easily make you stand out from the crowd. This year, start off with a fresh and elegant look that can easily be modified for any style with the quick switch of accessories.

Rocking the most classic colors of all, black, white and red, this Fashionista is ready to slay on her first day of classes—and everyday for the rest of the semester. Her understated white crochet top is perfect to keep the look classic yet trendy because it is all business in the front and party in the back, the ideal way to keep everyone on their toes. The top is paired with a major go-to look this summer: a skort. Skorts have become a staple piece thanks to their versatility, trendiness and overall comfort. The Steve Madden flat sandals are great for walking around James Madison University’s hilly campus, while ensuring the outfit remains a stand-out look.

To further emulate confidence and show what this Fashionista is made of, she paired her classic pieces with popping red lips and a banging red purse to ensure no eyes missed her as she walked through campus. The chained necklace, sunglasses and rings completed the look, proving she doesn’t miss one detail.

With the new year, new clubs and new friends, why not make it a new you as well? Go for the classic look and add a few eye-catching pieces and you’ll be sure to start off the best year yet, killing the game and taking names, as you should.

In the words (kind of) of the wise Taylor Swift, you’ve now got that red lip classic thing that they all like. Keep doing your thing!