WHAT TO WEAR: Classes in Copenhagen

WHAT TO WEAR: Classes in Copenhagen

For many of us, black is always a great idea. It takes up the majority of the space in our closets, and most of our favorite looks are outfits composed of entirely black pieces. If this sounds anything like you, Copenhagen should be at the top of your travel list because everyone wears black!

Darker tones are seen all around the city, especially during the colder months, which is pretty much all year round. Danish design is all about minimalism, comfort, and functionality, and this Fashionista effortlessly checked off all three from her list. While taking full advantage of the beautiful weather with this classic black T-shirt dress, she managed to stay warm and cozy with tons of layers.

This Fashionista’s outfit is all about the layers to keep her warm while walking from class to class in Denmark’s breezy weather. Her first layer is a cozy gray cardigan. It’s thick enough to keep her warm and comfy while still looking fashionable. She felt that just the cardigan wasn’t enough, so she paired it with one of my favorite items at the moment: a blanket scarf. This scarf does not take away from her outfit but gives it a pop. It screams cozy, and for Copenhagen, that is key.

Another very important item when it comes to going to school in Copenhagen is your backpack. You can’t just have any backpack; you have to have a KÅNKEN backpack! They were originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, but since then they have become an iconic backpack for children and adults around the world. It’s made from durable Vinylon F fabrics, which make it weatherproof and gives it great functionality to go along with its minimalist design.

When preparing for a semester, a month, or just a couple days in Copenhagen, always remember all your dark clothes and tons of layers.