WHAT TO WEAR: Class to Kick-Back

You know it’s that awkward time of the year when the weather likes to play games. One minute it’s cold, windy, and unbearable… The next, the sun is shining very subtly and it gives you a few moments to run into the closest building on campus before the next rush of cold, winded air comes to give you goosebumps. Well, welcome to Ohio, where you get all the four seasons in one whole day! However, as I was trying to walk through the suffering cold, I ran into this Fashionista on my way to class, who probably said to herself prior to stepping out, “Baby, beauty is pain.” I definitely applauded her for her fashion efforts, and yet I couldn’t help how effortless her ensemble looked.

As I was observing her outfit, the first thing that caught my eye was her Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid military bomber jacket. I always say that a little designer piece or two added to an outfit goes a long way. It keeps the outfit looking stylish and chic while also being a perfect go-to signature piece. She accessorizes with a thick, multi-colored choker and gold-chained necklaces, which accent the gold features on her brown Brahmin bag; not too big, but not too small. Just the right size to toss in a mini notebook, pen and an iPad to prepare for a full day of classes. To bring it all together, she pairs her outfit with nude Adidas sneakers to make her commute easier to class and not a struggle of being knocked off your feet by the cold wind in 4-inch heels.

Now, personally I can see this Fashionista taking this style straight to a kick-back with friends after a long day of classes. This outfit can definitely be seen as an everyday wear because its universal look gives us a mixture of both casual and a “let’s go out” statement. Looks like she picked out a winning ensemble!