WHAT TO WEAR: Class to Classy and Chill

Welcome back! I hope you all are staying warm in this bitter cold, and if you don’t know what bitter cold feels like, let me in on your secret! Speaking of bitter cold, we Fashionista/os have a sense of what to wear no matter the weather or situation. Going from class in the morning, to studying at the library in the afternoon, and then to meetings of all kinds at night, students barely have the time of day to travel all the way home to change and accommodate for all situations that may arise. So what does one do when they have a jam packed schedule and literally no time to change? Dress to all occasions, of course!

Featured here are two of my favorite Fashionistas with their own style attitudes. What I love about the looks that these two have on is that they are super versatile! Say one Fashionista has to go to a business casual meeting after class. Her wedges and slight detail of chain on her cardigan dresses up an outfit that could be very casual if she so chooses, but the jeans and scarf keep her cool and casual for class, and not to mention warm too! I am obsessed with the same color tone of her lips and cardigan!  Talk about coordinating! As for the other Fashionista, she could go straight from a study session to a basketball game in less than .2 seconds with her cool jean jacket and flannel. The so-called “duck boots” that the collegiate world has taken attraction to can help her dodge that unpleasant, snowy slush that comes around with heat waves this time of year. One of the most interesting, but very tactical bracelets I have seen is this Fashionista’s ruler wrap around bracelets. Made with leather, it adds a “cool girl” vibe, but is practical when a design student may have left their actual ruler at home. No worries, you’ll always be able to make sure the margins on your research essay are actually one inch before you turn it in.