WHAT TO WEAR: Class Time

As we gradually veer away from the cold weather and head into the beautiful spring season, our selection of styles begin to transition with us. One day it is sunny outside with a cool breeze and the next day it is misting rain with fog. Whatever the weather may be, always make sure you remain fashionable and sharp.

For this unpredictable weather, I would definitely suggest transitioning by using more texture and color in various outfits. By utilizing layers with knits for the winter and radiant colors for the spring, those morning walks to class will be filled with bright cheers. I recommend a warm denim jacket, just like the one displayed on our Fashionisto. The jacket, completely unbuttoned, still gives people a visible glimpse of the layers underneath and presents the enchanting spring colors of the outfit within.

One of my favorite features of this ensemble is the way he incorporated the vibrant spring colors with the everyday shadowy colors. The accessory of the watch with the all-black, silver accented backpack really brings the outfit together in a way that can be worn for any upcoming festivities and celebrations.

One Simple Change: Due to the outfit being very casual, winter is still focused on daytime with colors that range from grays to dark blues to the very formal emerald green. I would suggest changing either the baby blue shirt with a black one to allow this Fashionisto to carry his outfit into the nightlife for a night out with his friends at enjoyable social events!