WHAT TO WEAR: Class Presentation

Hi there! This month’s article will be about what to wear for a class presentation. Generally when you are giving a presentation you want to seem confident and professional. You do not want to come to class in your pajamas or sweats but you also don’t want to be too overdressed. In order to give the best presentation, you’ll want to be comfortable in what you are wearing and feel confident about how you look. Your outfit isn’t going to make or break your presentation but it’s alway nice to show your professors that you care and put your best foot forward going into the presentation.

A good way to achieve this balance between dressy and casual a good choice is to pair a pair of jeans with a nicer top and accessories. Preferably the jeans should be a medium or dark wash, or perhaps even a black, would do in order to not look too casual. In this outfit, this Fashionista is wearing a medium wash skinny jean with a frayed bottom to add interest without being too ripped. She pairs them with a white button down and a nice statement necklace. This Fashionista also has on a pair of olive green lace-up flats to keep the outfit on trend and add in more color. By keeping the color scheme neutral, the outfit retains an element of class and makes her style seem effortless.

Since this outfit isn’t too stuffy, after the presentation you will be able to go to the rest of your classes and feel comfortable and not out of place, even if everyone else is in their pajamas.