WHAT TO WEAR: Class is the New Black

As school begins, we have long days of sitting in lectures and trying to stay awake by drinking espresso shot after espresso shot. This Fashionisto is ready for anything, dressed in monochromatic black.

There’s nothing like all black, and the thing that caught my eye about this outfit is how each piece somehow looks better than the next while still working with each other and bringing the whole ensemble together.

Underneath the DIY skull cut-off (similar) made by this Fashionisto, is a short-sleeved, mesh top, so you can still see the details of the homemade top. These edgy pants add to this already original look with the zipper detail on the knee, quilted print on the thighs and tapered leg. The combination of the leather, mesh and zippers complement each other perfectly and give difference and dimension to the eye. As if this outfit could not get any cooler––it does, with studded sneakers that have three velcro straps across the top, making them easy to put on. To keep it a little casual, this Fashionisto wore a backwards, black, baseball cap. 

Even though we are transitioning to fall, college classrooms and lecture halls are always cold. I’m not sure what it is, but colleges and universities always treat rooms as if it’s the hottest day out and when living in the windy city and transitioning to a new season, you don’t know how the weather will end up before the end of the day.