WHAT TO WEAR: Class in Chilly Weather

Let’s face it, waking up and going to class can be tough, and it’s even harder when it’s freezing outside! This Fashionista exemplifies looking cute while staying warm, battling the brisk weather with her favorite essentials. She proves that looking cute but staying on trend doesn’t have to be such a challenge!

This Fashionista is a junior and one of the many things she has learned as a successful communications major is to always look presentable. Having early classes and constant activities that involve an abundance of associates has really monitored the way she chooses to dress herself. Her goals include appearing responsible yet youthful and laid-back.

In this look, this Fashionista decided to keep it simple and cozy!  By pairing a simple white sweater with her favorite Ralph Lauren vest, she ensured her outfit would be weather appropriate. In order to spruce up this basic combination, Hannah added an oversize blanket scarf in a neutral plaid. Having to walk a bit from her apartment to her classes, a new pair of Sorel boots went well with her outfit. Not only do they guarantee warm toes, but they are also quite trendy at the moment. To top off her laid-back outfit, Hannah reached for her go-to bag that ties the whole outfit together.

The combination of basics and addition of trendy pieces allowed for Hannah to look cute and make the transition from her warm bed to class a little more seamless in the early morning!