October 16th, 2015 at 2:10am

It is officially fall, and the basic girl in all of us is in full swing. With pumpkin scented/flavored candles and treats stocked up on shelves and local coffee shops, how could we deny the cool weather? We simply cannot. In order to properly adorn our Instagram feeds with all things fall, we need the look to pull things together!

What I have always loved about fall fashion is the opportunity to layer in order to combat the cold weather. This Fashionista took a well put, yet comfortable look together for class. She layered a long and crotched white sweater over her black tank top and black ensemble. I love how you can really see and appreciate the detail of her sweater since she chose a simple look to wear underneath. Then, she literally tied her look together with a pair of laced up black leather combat boots.

To accessorize, she added a braided headband. This Fashionista is known to likely be sporting a lovely headband. Possibly, her inspiration may be Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf. When in a rush for class and the time is not available to plan out the perfect accessories to go with your look, grab a detailed headband. It is such an easy accessory to incorporate into your looks for school, especially when worn different ways, and to add a bit of creativity. Bonus points for making it yourself!

One Simple Change: If this Fashionista wanted to take her Friday afternoon class look to a concert in the city, she can swap her leggings for a dark pair of distressed jeans. The denim will dress up her look a bit more when tucked into her loosened combat boots. Top of the look with a bold lip color and silver statement necklace, and she is ready to go!