October 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

With classes gearing into full swing, some students are rushing to their morning classes that they’re late for and have succumbed to the T-shirt and sweatpants look. For the rest of them that have the energy and time to dress up to class, kudos. There is nothing harder than trying to find a stylish outfit, finish homework and eat a balanced meal all in 30 minutes.

Even though it is fall, I don’t think Southern Texas got the memo. We are still in the transition of getting cooler weather and are often caught in sticky humidity on our way to class. Flowy clothing is essential for this gray area in our weather, and this Fashionista picked the perfect outfit.

This Fashionista is ready for the iffy weather in these floral wide leg pants. Palazzos or wide legged pants are perfect for humid weather. They won’t stick to you and allow a breeze in to cool you down. To accentuate the foundation color of her palazzos, she paired a green tank top with her pants. Keeping with her floral pattern, this Fashionista also wore a pair of jelly sandals with gold floral detailing.

The key to a stylish outfit is the accessories that you pair it with. This Fashionista used her hair as her main accessory. Her burnt umber curls stood out against her gold head band. To add a geometric flair, this Fashionista added some triangle shaped earrings to finish her look.

One Simple Change: After conquering your classes for the day, you should go and hang out with a few friends. Whether it’s to the local bar, restaurant or a girl’s night out, trade out your jelly sandals for a pair of chunky platform heels, add a wide brim hat and a denim jacket to keep warm at night.