October 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

Here in Nashville, fall seems to have arrived overnight, going from 80 degree days to the crisp 60s instantly. With unexpected weather change, a collegiate has to be prepared to bundle up or peel off layers throughout the day. This Fashionista found a way to balance her outfit and look both class and season appropriate without hauling around endless layers.

From head to toe, the look has form and function. A full day of class means lots of hours spent in buildings where the AC is too high and evening walks across a chilly campus. A light cardigan, like the one our Fashionista is sporting, helps ward off the goose bumps indoors and out, and it is easy enough to shove into a backpack if the sun decides to come out.

Underneath her sweater, our Fashionista is channeling warm weather vibes. Her trendy crop top features great motivation for the mid-semester slump and also allows the Fashionista to bask in the sun. The cut-off jean shorts remind everyone that just because you have class, doesn’t mean your outfit can’t have a little sass.

Our Fashionista said the sneakers she is donning are a definite must! Having classes all over campus means having to give up the fun of a heel for the function of a flat-soled shoe. Opting for the classic Converse hardly constitutes a fashion sacrifice in my book though, and she gets extra points for keeping them clean.

One Simple Change: This outfit works perfectly for sitting in class and looking cute and comfortable, but to make the look girl’s night out ready, swap the sweater for a white leather jacket to make a statement.