October 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

As classes have finally gotten started at UC Davis, the sun has not become any less brutal than it was during the summer. So, even though fall quarter is finally setting in here, that doesn’t mean shorts and tank tops are going out of style anytime soon. Although the clothing sounds simple, a little bit of flare added to basic staples can make any outfit pop.

This Fashionista exhibits just that fact with her cute and comfy outfit that she wore to go to class. The basic black halter top she wears is complemented by her bold patterned shorts. In order to spice up the outfit a bit more, she also threw on a gold charm necklace to add a bit of color to her neutral color palette. As for other accessories, a practical addition to the outfit was her Ray-Ban sunglasses. These not only can serve as a way to protect your eyes from the campus heat, but also in her case doubled as a great way to keep her hair in place.

One Simple Change: If you’ve just finished class and are ready to go out with friends for the weekend, this look can be altered by just adding a light-wash denim jacket to the outfit and swapping out the pair of Rainbow sandals with black booties. Whether it be to lunch or a movie, these pieces will not only help create a more formal look, but also structure the outfit and give it a bit more flare.