October 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

Dear readers, it is time to say a familiar farewell to sweet/memorable summertime and a welcoming hello to fall season. Being located at the heart of downtown Chicago and by Lake Michigan, it is hard for us DePaulians to appropriately dress for class in the unpredictable Chicago weather. As I was strolling through the DePaul’s Loop campus drinking my hot tea, this Fashionista’s outfit caught my eyes immediately.

The problem with having an unpredictable weather is having no idea about what to wear that is stylish, warm and yet cool at the same time. Because Chicago weather cannot make up its mind, it is hard for schools to set an appropriate classroom temperature. So it is so important to always keep in mind what you have to wear because at one moment you will start sweating and shivering the next moment.

This Fashionista chose her outfit perfectly with fun printed maxi dress and a solid color blazer. It is a casual yet professional look that is effortlessly put together, which is always a plus for college students as we are always on the go with little time to plan. The printed maxi dress is the perfect item to wear at the beginning of fall because it enables you to hold onto the summer a little longer while not exposing too much skin in the fall wind. The addition of the blazer complements the outfit as it gives a dressy/professional look while keeping you warm if needed. I liked the fact that this Fashionista decided to go with a minimal amount of accessories to not overwhelm the whole outfit.

One Simple Change: Put your hair in a high ponytail, and finish the look with a big, solid colored scarf. The scarf will keep you warm and protect you from getting cold amidst the changing temperatures.