FINALLY. Fall is here. Time for oversized sweaters, cardigans, boots and all beverages hot… In most places, at least. Here on Rocky Top, fall might have started on September 23rd, but we won’t start to feel it until about mid-October. So for now, we need to dress like the San Franciscans do: in layers. By dressing in layers, you can dress for the chilly mornings and the hot afternoons. If you layer correctly, you can potentially wear two outfits at a time. This is a skill that must be perfected though, because you don’t want to be carrying half of your closet throughout campus as you make your way from class to class.

This Fashionista knows how to layer for the weird transition from fall to spring, and she knows how to dress comfortably but fashionable for class. She layers a long cardigan over a simple outfit: a white, sheer top and black shorts. She keeps the focus on her cardigan when it’s on, but when it’s off she still has a cute outfit to fall back on.

This Fashionista also keeps her accessories simple. Simple shoes, black sunglasses and a Michael Kors tote to polish off her look. The cardigan, although it is a layering technique, is still the main focus of this look, and this Fashionista kept it easy and comfortable, because nobody wants to be uncomfortable sitting in class all day.

If the weather where you’re at is playing tricks on you, layering is your go-to!

One Simple Change: If the weather is cooler than you think, just add a pair of skinny black jeans to finish off your look. By doing this, you create a slim outfit under a boxy cardigan.