October 8th, 2015 at 2:10am

Well whaddya know, we are already half way through my favorite month of the year! I have come to this realization with a mixture of excitement and confusion in my heart; excitement that fall weather is finally hear to stay and apple season is reaching its peak, and confusion in the fact that I’ve somehow already made it through two months of school…!? No way, José. While the bright green leaves are slowly transforming into beautiful, colored dead mounds in the streets, long nights of remedial “studying” with friends have turned into lonely cram sessions in silent study cubicles. Yep, it’s midterm season, friends. That probably means you’re losing a little bit of motivation and style inspiration when you get dressed in the morning and contemplate all the long hours in libraries and lecture halls you have ahead of you on any given day.

Of course, you always want to be comfortable while you struggle through 50 or more minutes of lecture, but as this Fashionista has proven, it is possible to look stylish during your seemingly-endless days of class all while keeping comfortability in mind. This pair of Joe’s Jeans is a great alternative to one of the seventy pairs of black leggings you probably own. The stretch and fit of the jeans makes it feel like you are wearing your favorite, comfy leggings but look as if you gave a little extra effort in getting dressed that day.

In my opinion, a classic white T-shirt should be on the list of “The Top 10 Things You Need For College” (yes, it really is up there next to textbooks and a Netflix subscription). Not only is a comfy white T-shirt a great last resort shirt when rushing off to class, but it’s super versatile for layering in fall, especially under this army green anorak jacket. This piece of outerwear is one of my must-haves for the awkward fall weather that’s just too chilly not to wear a jacket yet too warm to whip out the down parkas quite yet.

It’s funny how times have changed. In middle school, I absolutely never wore sneakers to school, thinking they made me fit in with the boys just a little too well. Now, however, sneakers account for about half of my shoe collection ever since the sporty-chic look started trending again. This pair of adidas sneakers perfects this Fashionista’s sporty-chic ensemble with their crisp, clean leather and intricate, snakeskin texture. Sneakers like these are another fabulous addition to any college Fashionista’s wardrobe because they are a great mix of comfort and style and perfect for strutting down the runways (or as some call them, “sidewalks”) of campus.

One Simple Change: After all those hours studying during the week, you really do deserve a night (or two) out on the weekend. Swap out some heeled booties for these sneakers and replace your basic T-shirt with a fancier blouse, and you’re ready to paint the town red (yup, Go Badgers!).