On a typical college campus a rainy day means you see the majority of the students in the most comfortable and laid back clothing they could find after struggling to get out of bed. Although autumn is one of the best seasons it also comes with the unpredictability of weather, especially in Lynchburg, aka Drenchburg. When it rains it pours here, but this causes you to be creative with your outfits in order to still look cute even in a torrential downpour. This week has been a week of consecutive chilly, rainy days. While I was walking to class wishing only to arrive not looking like a wet dog I spotted this Fashionista who was able to combine all the things we love about fall into one coherent rainy day outfit.

This Fashionista made it known that the rain would not stop her from looking cute. She decided to keep warm by wearing a light cream sweater and throwing on an army green utility jacket. The zipper and drawstring details on the jacket give the masculine trend a very feminine appeal. The utility jacket has been a trend for the past couple of fall seasons, but from what I am seeing for trends this fall, it looks like it is here to stay for this season. To keep her feet dry from the rain she decided on some warm cream socks and black rain boots, which are always so fun to be able to walk through the puddles with no cares in the world. To accessorize the outfit and make it personal this Fashionista wore a Delaware necklace to remind her of home and paired it with a couple Alex and Ani bracelets and gold stackable midi rings.

So with the brisk autumn weather approaching quickly I leave you by encouraging you to not give into the weather. Fall is such a fun season to express yourself and you never know when an outfit could spark a conversation or open up an opportunity. Stay strong and stay stylish Fashionistas.

One Simple Change: On a beautiful autumn day, try swapping the rain boots for a pair of black booties to keep the coherence of the outfit but add a chic edge. If you decide to wear the outfit in the evening for a girl’s night out, add some dark lipstick to enhance the outfit.