Fall is officially here, which means scarf season has just begun! It is once again, the season to show off your best cozy and stylish outfits with your own touch of uniqueness. Dressing up for school is a great way to show your confidence and style on a daily basis, and fall is a perfect season for that. This Fashionista really caught my attention with her style full of personality and great outfit for a class day.

This Fashionista expressed her feminine and casual style by wearing simple pieces that made a chic, stylish look. She chose the perfect dark purple shirt for a fall school day and she matched it with a pinkish scarf. She then topped it off by wearing a beautiful hot pink lipstick, which is a great option for fall days and even better to complete a look. And of course, she did not forget to add on some accessories to bring more fun and individuality into her outfit. I really liked how the Fashionista put together two necklaces of her choice, making sure they were both on different lengths. It is a great tip for those of you who want to create more of a gypsy look. Just add on your favorite necklaces and it can turn out to be a trendy asset to your outfit.

With all the rush we have to face with classes and exams, it sometimes can be hard to constantly follow the latest trends and have your style right on top everyday. However it is great to be able to count on those simple pieces we all have in our wardrobes and that can turn a plain look into a trendy one very easily. This bright Fashionista did it right and showed us how to be simple yet unique and stylish at any day from classes to other activities.

One Simple Change: If you would like to turn this outfit from a perfect summer look intoa  fall one, all you need to do is switch the sandals out for your best pair of boots and you will be good to go and enjoy a beautiful fall day!