October 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

When class has barely gone back into session, it seems like the weather likes to torment everyone by still thinking it’s summer. It’s hard picking out an outfit during those hot transitional days, especially if your classrooms don’t have any air conditioning. The great dilemma is that you want to be comfortable and in clothing that breathes, yet still stay stylish. Don’t worry! You can accomplish a flawless summer transition into those ethereal fall vibes even if it feels like the cozy cold days of sweaters and combat boots are years away.

This Fashionista is able to seamlessly pull off a mixed print bohemian look. With the use of darker tones in both the top and the shorts, she is able to fend off the typical bright summer wear and make the look inherently a warm weather fall look. Though the prints on the top and bottom are different, they are able to tie in together nicely by having at least one similar color—white. The longer length of the shorts is on-trend for the season and it’s more appropriate for running around campus to get to class. The halter top allows the Fashionista to stay cool in a retro way that combines a sense of ‘90s vintage and bohemian street style-chic. Add on some accessories like stacked bracelets for an arm party. Earrings will also be a great choice because of the bare shoulders, this allows for more attention to be drawn to the ears.

One Simple Change: If the weekend is quickly approaching and it’s going to be a hot one, then go out with friends to do some shopping at the local flea market or to chill out beach side. Grab a fun small backpack and some cool looking shades to hit the town in a comfortable yet stylish outfit that will make you look truly fun loving.