It’s early, the light is barely peeking over the mountains in Harrisonburg. Students struggle to dress in the dim lighting, not daring to turn on a lamp for fear of waking their hibernating roommate(s). Add this to the dropping temperature and JMU’s penchant for strange weather, this fashionable student has a problem. How does one dress for class when plagued with so many adversaries? Simple. Go with what you know.

A great deal of the time Fashionistas/os try to make blatant statements with their pieces whether it be for personal reasons or otherwise. However, sometimes this just can’t happen. On some occasions, such as early morning classes with awful weather, there isn’t much of an opportunity for looks and conventionality to mix. Unless, of course, you go with the lifesaving new trend that touches on sportswear in fashion.

We all know the ongoing debate on yoga pants and leggings but whether you wear them or not, most can attest to their comfort and versatility. This Fashionista knows how to play up the original intention for these leggings (working out) without actually working out in them. Her all black attire is reminiscent of the trend sweeping fashion icons around the globe this fashion month and simple for her to match no matter the lighting. The see-through shirt adds a more refined flirtiness to her attire without straying too far from its casualness.

But, there’s a classic, undeniable love for a pop of color to break up a darker look and she does so with her pink Nike’s. Tack on her bright backpack that, despite its color not matching her shoes color wise, complements the vivid bit on her feet and you’ve got yourself a comfortable, yet stylish, class ensemble.

One Simple Change: A great way to prepare this look for an actual workout, besides trekking up and down the hills of our campus in particular, would be to change the top and bra. By changing into a sports bra and a more athletic top, if a strenuous and sweat inducing workout is in the cards, this Fashionista would be ready for a run or any other kind of activity! If a more laid back workout is in store, yoga or something of the kind, then just changing into the sports bra but leaving the sheer top would suffice.