October 1st, 2015 at 10:04am

For those of you that lived the first few weeks of school without A/C, my condolences. Fortunately for you, the heat is slowly wearing off and we are entering the season of beanies and layers. With fall quickly approaching, it is important for Fashionistas/os to stay warm, comfortable and fashionable all at once. This may sound like a task only achievable by superstars (pun intended), but this Fashionista shows us how such a daunting task can be done with a few key pieces.

Adidas have been taking the fashion world by storm lately and they are now making their way onto college campuses. This Fashionista makes a classic, not to mention comfy, pair of adidas Superstars the focus of her outfit. Her cuffed pants, which give her sneakers some additional exposure, and leather jacket add a sense of edge to her look. The jacket, being the perfect complement to her comfy T-shirt, also helps keep her warm in the cooler breeze and can easily be tied around her waist if she chooses. By keeping her outfit monochromatic she is able to keep her look minimal and casual; perfect for a classroom setting.

One Simple Change: You might feel that jeans are not meant for long hours in the library, but you want to maintain your edge and comfort while studying hard. For those circumstances, pull out a comfy pair of sweatpants and rock them with your sneakers and jacket. You are set to study hard all the while looking like a superstar.