When going to class, especially in college, people tend to wear what they perceive to be “comfortable” clothing. That is, Nike shorts, oversized fraternity T-shirts and running shoes. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that, but there is a way for people to still wear comfortable clothing while also looking and feeling good. Especially since it’s the beginning of the school year and summer just ended, it can be hard to be motivated to look like a real person. Thankfully, there are cute outfit options that take little to no effort on your part and people will still be giving you compliments on end on how good you look.

This week I found a Fashionista who goes to class both cute and comfy. Her T-shirt dress is not only stylish, but also made out of a material that is so comfortable it might as well be pajamas. The T-shirt dress is a great option for class and everyday life in general because it’s so simple, you don’t have to match anything and it’s so easy to just throw on. This Fashionista paired her casual dress with a nice yet simple long necklace to add some accent to her outfit. The necklace also gives the outfit a nice touch as it slightly breaks up the constant striped pattern of the dress. Along with the necklace, she also added a silver cuff and ring to her outfit to add on to the silver in the outfit. The accessories make the outfit seem more presentable while keeping the effort level pretty minimal. Instead of running shoes, she opted to wear Converse, a comfortable closed-toe sneaker that is easy to walk in as well.

The typical gym outfit may seem like your best and easiest option early in the morning, but getting “dressed up” is actually just as easy. So why not feel better about yourself by being a little more fashionable throughout the day?

One Simple Change: Even though it gets cold in the wintertime, you can still look cute while dressed in warm, comfortable clothing. Wearing boyfriend jeans or even leggings with a cute sweater and boots still allows you to look cute while feeling cozy and warm.