September 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

Fall is officially here and classes are in full swing again. In most places, nights are starting to get colder and flip flops are being put away…but not in Florida. With summer still lingering on (yes, we still drink pumpkin spice lattes), it can be quite difficult trying to put together a trendy outfit that won’t make you sweat throughout the day. Denim shorts and tank tops can get boring after awhile, as well. And who wants to be boringly dressed while in class? I know I don’t!

However, you most certainly don’t want to be overdressed either; after all, you came to class to learn, not to walk down a runway. This Fashionista demonstrates for us the perfect combination of casual and cute, which makes for a great outfit to wear to class. As a matter of fact, she was on her way to class when I stumbled upon her.

I really liked the blue patterned shorts she was wearing because it gave her otherwise plain outfit a more boho look. In Florida, printed shorts are a girl’s best friend. It’s proof that you can still look cute when it’s 90 degrees outside. I also like how she tucked her shirt in half-way. By doing this, you can create a more relaxed look to any outfit.

Along with the shirt, she wore a grey lace halter bra underneath it, which made for a cool and unique look. But what really drew me to this Fashionista was her aztec printed backpack. The vibrant colors jumped out at me and I think it really ties the whole outfit together. For shoes, she wore a plain pair of tan flip flops, which fit perfectly into the whole beachy/boho look.

Keep your class outfits casual and cute to make sure you are always making the best impressions possible!

One Simple Change: Once classes are over, if you’re going out to the bar with friends later, you can dress up this look by swapping the flip flops for some wedges.