As we slowly get back into fall’s regular routine of class, coffee, homework, coffee, all-nighters and, of course, more coffee, it’s easy to let our exhaustion get the best of both us and our Fashionista attitudes. Walking down the street, it was hard not to notice this particular Fashionista who was definitely not letting class overload knock her fashion sense down. Looking cute as can be on her way to an economics lecture, this Fashionista is going back to class the right way. Dressing for school can be difficult and it is important that what we wear is appropriate for class, as well as the weather, all while wanting to showcase our own personal style.

Wearing a black linen overall dress, this Fashionista’s simple white long sleeve T-shirt adds some simplicity to the look as well as some warmth for those cooler fall walks to class. The overall dress is a statement piece, so by toning it down with a simple top, this Fashionista looks #RAD and ready to rock all of her classes. The Nike Air Max sneakers are definitely the highlight of her look. These shoes scream ’90s (which as a ’90s baby, I love so much), and will go with pretty much everything in your closet. She finishes off the look with a small black bag that’s big enough to throw in some pens, pencils and a notebook for class.

My favorite part of this Fashionista’s outfit is her ability to blend two different looks together. While the dress is more on the preppy side, it complements the shoes, which are a bit more grunge. Both pieces are quite bold and she accents them perfectly with her plain black bag, light makeup and simple layering underneath. Ultimately, this “class” look shows that just because the weather is getting cooler and our workload is getting heavier, doesn’t mean we need to say goodbye to good fashion sense.

One Simple Change: Heading straight from class to grab some drinks with friends? Bring this look from street grunge to sophisticated city-chic with a pair of chunky heels.