Being back on campus can cause a lot of commotion. There are new classes to look forward to, new people to meet, new hobbies to start and even more friends to be made. With all these exciting new things taking place, you do not want to forget about a new style. For so long you’ve been wearing those summer dresses and flip flops, but now it is time to dress for class.

Now that fall is on the way it is important to dress for the weather. One second the sun has you sweating through your shirt, and the next it is raining and the temperature is dropping to 55 degrees. This is especially the case if you live somewhere like Ohio. When going to class it is important to find that balance in clothing so that you can be comfortable, but also chic.

While in my draping class I noticed one of my classmates had these categories taken care of. She wore high-waisted, light denim shorts that frayed at the edges, which allowed for comfort, but also a stylish look. She paired the shorts with a darling, polka-dot print crop top and then a simple gray sweater to keep her warm in the chilly air-conditioned buildings. Her little black booties had just the right amount of heel on them so that walking to class was not a struggle. Pairing them with white socks helped tie in that black and white color combo that she wore in the shirt. For accessories, sunglasses are a must on sunny days, and this Fashionista chose a pair with a toned down cheetah print. It was such a fun and subtle way to mix prints. She finished off the look with a few pieces of simple jewelry that helped to add just the right touch. This super cool look was going to take her from class to class while still being able to sit in a lecture hall comfortably.

One Simple Change: To take this look to a girl’s night out switch out the denim shorts for a fun and flirty skirt. The skirt could be any color since the shirt is black and white, and black and white are neutral colors. Be sure to ditch the sweater for something similar to a leather jacket. Finally, let your hair down and rock a bold lip with some flared lashes. This is sure to take you from cozy classroom to a night out with your girl gang.