I woke up this morning, and it didn’t feel like I was roasting in the heat of a thousand suns, so it seems that New Jersey is finally coming out of the heatwave that’s been plaguing the end of our summer. It’s still not by any means cool though, and with midday temperatures resting comfortably in the mid-80s it’s been a fight to find outfits that adapt from outdoors to the sub-zero temperatures of our overly air-conditioned classrooms and back again. As falling nighttime temperatures add another layer of confusion, I have to admit I have spent more time than I like to admit staring into the abyss of my closet wondering what on earth do I wear?”

Luckily for me, Rutgers is home to plenty of people, like this Fashionista I ran into on the way to class, who know exactly what they’re doing. She rocks the all-black trend, even in the heat of summer, by picking pieces that are breathable and versatile. Her layered, chiffon tank top won’t stick to her if things get sweaty as they inevitably will on the bus to class. The embellished V-neck and back cutout are subtle details that add flair to a basic piece without being too in your face. It’s too hot out for jeans but too cold in class for shorts, so opt for some leggings like this Fashionista did to strike the perfect balance. For added comfort and function, go for a workout brand like Zella or lululemon athletica—the fabric used in these brands is made to keep you cool and dry, but the coverage will shield you from blasts of air-conditioning. A simple, structured work tote like this Fashionista’s cedar street bag from kate spade is big enough for your notebooks, everyday essentials and even a cardigan just in case and pairs fabulously with every outfit. Finally, tie your look together with a bold lip—there’s nothing more classic (and classy) than a ruby red lip with an all-black ensemble.

One Simple Change: There’s no better way to celebrate the end of a tough week than grabbing some dinner and drinks with your friends, so switch out your slip-ons for some killer (but still easy to walk in!) wedges and grab a leather jacket for when the night gets cold.