Preparing for class can be hectic whether it’s in the morning or the night before. If you’re like most college students, you wake up with barely enough time to shower and eat, not to mention prepare a trendy outfit. So how do some students manage to look so put together, despite the hectic schedule? They stick to the basics and let their accessories do the talking.

This Fashionista has executed that method perfectly with her simple yet fall-appropriate outfit. The first component of her effortless look is the white blouse. Its flowy silhouette and feminine details add a little more oomph than the simple white T-shirt, but is just as easy to wear with a pair of jeans. Instead of the usual dark wash, this Fashionista opted for a distressed pair with a skinnier fit. With easy rolled-up cuffs at the ankles, she’s able to show off her comfortable yet stylish cowboy boots. The small heel is ideal for navigating a large campus, plus it accentuates the length of her legs. Although anything black is a must-have, the brown shade is a perfect neutral to complement a laid back outfit.

Now that the basics are covered, we can discuss what really adds to this outfit. A elephant charm necklace is an unexpected surprise, adding a fun element to the entire look. In silver metal, this piece has the potential to be dressed up. Another great accessory is the headscarf. A wider and more versatile relative of the headband, this piece keeps the rest of the hair in place and draws attention to the Fashionista’s perfectly textured bun. The cherry, or berry, on top is the rich purple lip color popped on the lips. This shade is quite popular for the fall, so this Fashionista hit all the marks without running late to class. Her outfit proves that it doesn’t take much to make simple pieces stylish.

One Simple Change: If you’re heading from an evening class to a girl’s night out, switch the blouse for a sleeker white sleeveless top. It will be easier to move around in and will be a perfect candidate for a layered-on leather jacket.