September 23rd, 2015 at 2:00am

So it’s Monday, the day of the week we all dread! Whether you partied too hard, spent your weekend in the library or caught up on sleep, most would agree the weekend came and went way too fast. Hopefully you’ve had a great weekend and enjoyed it to the fullest, but now it’s time to resume your life as a college student. On top of class, you have a ton of Monday appointments and meetings; your day is sure to be long. Well I’m here to give you a CollegeFashionista insider tip that makes the start to my week a bit easier. The best form of Monday motivation is a Monday SLAY.

Monday SLAY: when you wear an ensemble that makes you feel cute, confident and will get you compliments to start off your week.I know sometimes you don’t want to waste your weekend outfits just to go to a class, but there’s a method to the outfit madness. Just remember, you’re going to be attending meetings and appointments where you will have to interact with an array of people; you want to look your best (as always)!

There are many ways to accomplish the perfect Monday SLAY look; it depends on your personal style. This Fashionisto pulls it off effortlessly, because guys always have it easier. His outfit is totally compliment worthy, mixing a statement top with a nice fitting bottom and a piece of jewelry to accessorize. A pulled back hair-style is a great way to complete the look, giving the outfit the attention it deserves. The combination of the blue printed shirt, solid maroon pants and cognac brown oxfords is an excellent color combination, giving definition to this outfit. Using contrasting, but complementary, colors is an easy way to give your outfit dimension (and catch someone’s eye), and that’s really the goal of the Monday SLAY: to not feel overdressed for class, but stylish enough to be noticed on campus (per usual).

One Simple Change: You can swap out the statement item of your outfit. For example, instead of making your top the statement piece, you can switch it up and wear bottoms that make a statement; it’s interchangeable! However, too many statements can clutter a look. Clutter and fashion do not go hand in hand. Choose one statement and surround your outfit around it.