With school already in full swing and the pile of homework on my desk growing rapidly, the motivation to look cute for class every day is slowly diminishing. But, then I see an outfit like this and am reminded how easily you can create a sleek cohesive look that seems all too effortless.

This Fashionisto chose a soft, heather gray sweater to anchor the outfit. And can we take a moment to acknowledge the fact that full-time sweater weather is almost upon us?! I am loving the silhouette of this piece in particularly. The sweater is slouchy but still has some shape to it around the edge and the crewneck is just slightly loose so it hangs perfectly off the shoulders. Rolled up sleeves give the look a more casual vibe and offset the nicer, dark denim. For a look like this, Fashionisto’s try a similar piece in a slightly darker shade. Fashionsitas, switch out the top for a longer hemline, and try a sweater dress for a seamless transition from summer to fall. Wear with lace up sandals until the weather cools down more, then with tights and over-the-knee boots for fall.

I can honestly say, I don’t think I have every seen a pair of jeans so perfectly cuffed in my entire life…I mean, look at that precision! This stylish student keeps the look streamlined with evenly rolled jeans in a dark wash. The darker shade gives the denim an unexpectedly sophisticated vibe, especially with a pair of sleek leather boots. The cropped boots are the perfect length for cuffed jeans, and a simple, clean pair keeps in tune with the minimalistic feel of the outfit.

What’s the last wardrobe essential you need to look like an off-duty model strutting around campus? A rad pair of shades, of course! I loved this Fashionisto’s rounded pair—the retro shape gives off a vintage vibe while the all-black hue keeps it current. Try this pair with a classic jeans and white T-shirt combo.

One Simple Change: Wear a slouchy sweater over a denim button down for a rad dinner or date night look. Alone, these pieces are simple basics, but they so easily mesh together to form the perfect put-together look for class. Comfort is always key, but if I can look this good at the same time, count me in!