The weather can be pretty unpredictable, especially in south Georgia. It may be cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon or vice versa—and let’s not forget about the possibility of rain. It’s best to be prepared for the heat or cold when going to class due to the fact that you may live off-campus or just don’t have time to change throughout the day. Instead of having to pull out multiple outfits, make the most out of one. This outfit is both simplistic, and cute! This Fashionista is wearing a very weather neutral outfit, which is perfect for unexpected temperature changes.

This look is a great mixture of summer and fall. The neutral colored sandals give a very summertime look while the plaid pants add a touch of the fall season. Tight fitting material is definitely less than ideal during hot weather so these comfy and flowy pants are a great choice.

The lightweight denim jacket paired with the simple white tank top complements the bold pattern of the pants. The jacket is enough to keep this Fashionista cozy through chilly morning weather, and lightweight enough to be worn during increasing temperatures. If it gets too hot, ditch the jacket and the outfit is still perfect for class. A very casual and comfortable outfit is perfect for class.

One Simple Change: Try pairing this outfit with some cute accessories! A statement necklace or a long necklace would be a great touch for this outfit. If you’re into other kinds of accessories, a fedora, cuff bracelet or watch would also be a nice touch. These additions are perfect to dress this outfit up for a date night occasion.