The beginning of the semester is always the hardest. You go from your carefree summer lifestyle, unless you had a crazy job, to your day-to-day life as a college student. Group projects and new experiences take up your fall semester. However, the weather keeps changing its mind by noon, and you’re sweating on your way to class. How does a Fashionista solve this issue? An oversized, breathable blouse. Yes, it’s your new T-shirt alternative and is a great layering piece.

This Fashionista paired her long blouse with some lace shorts. By layering this thinner material, you add more material to the look, which you basically have to do when it comes to thinner shirts. But nonetheless, they went perfectly together! Adding in some uniquely tied combat boots brings a nice, rustic feel to her whole look. Since the blouse is oversized, it doubles as a shirt dress. And the sides pull up just enough to see the bottom of her gorgeous lace shorts.

The best part of this blouse is that it doesn’t completely button in front, so you can wear it as a shirt with jeans or leggings as well. You can get away with wearing it as a shirt dress, like this Fashionista sported. Also, I loved how she kept the colors on the neutral side. It’s a great fall outfit and something you can easily go to class wearing.

One Simple Change: Class is over and you’re still in love with this shirt, right? Who wouldn’t be? Before you wrap up your week and head out to have a good night, leave the long blouse on and pair it with some black leggings. Want to dress up the look even more? Add some black or brown wedges and you have a chic look for the night!