September 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

Ever have one of those mornings where you think, “I’ve been asleep for five minutes, how could my alarm possibly be going off already?” I’m sure we’ve all experienced them, if not on a regular basis. It’s safe to say any possible second longer you can stay in bed would win the trade-off for almost anything, including extra time to get ready. When you have an 8:05 a.m. class and the teacher locks the doors after 10 minutes, you have to decide what’s more important, looking good or actually making it to class?

This Fashionista chose the best of both worlds and chose to keep her look simple enough to throw on in minutes as you’re rushing out the door. She was able to get those precious few extra minutes in bed and still went to class looking like she spent all morning getting ready.

With a fall staple item, like this corduroy skirt, this Fashionista can simply slip on the skirt, add a simple T-shirt or tank top and look effortlessly put together. Just throwing something on has never been so rewarding. She chose to pair it with a simple black tank top, a vintage white button-down and some comfy leather sandals.

Every Fashionista of course needs their own backpack to hold their favorite lipstick in between touch-ups, and of course lug around the hundreds of dollars you spent in the beginning of the semester for textbooks. This Fashionista chose to pair her mini skirt and button-down ensemble with a backpack that’s both functional and has a bohemian girly vibe.

The perfect bag can set apart the kids who go to the library and the kids who go to the library with what looks like every assignment they’ve had since Freshman year in their backpacks. This Fashionista chose a backpack big enough for all the things she needs, but also casual enough to carry around outside of class.

One Simple Change: Heading straight from your late class to meet your friends? But it’s taco Tuesday and you can’t waste any time changing outfits? Switch out the white button- down for a leather jacket to give the look some edge and you’re set from sitting in class to grabbing tacos.