Well, classes are finally in full swing. Goodbye, summer, it was fun while it lasted! Fashionista/os are now faced with the grueling morning question, “what am I going to wear today?” Even worse than the question itself, is the anxiety that comes with attempting to make a final decision on your outfit choice. Most students don’t have a break in the day to run back to their apartments or dorms to change their outfits if they wind up regretting their early morning choice. So answering that question suddenly becomes even more important than you thought. This Fashionista has a full day’s worth of classes and meetings ahead of her, and she shows us that even in her groggy morning state, she was able to pick an outfit that she won’t regret later.

First, let’s give this Fashionista a round of applause for her choice of denim. As Fashionista/os we understand the importance of finding that perfect pair of back to school denim. This Fashionista is rocking her light wash, destroyed boyfriend jeans. Regardless of the wash color, every girl should at least try on a pair of boyfriend jeans. Don’t dismiss any trend without trying it for yourself first.

This Fashionista pairs her jeans with a cream colored, eyelet top that gives structure to her outfit. It’s easy to keep with the slouchy style of boyfriend jeans by pairing them with an oversized T-shirt, but there are other options. Pairing your boyfriend jeans with a cute/detailed top creates more of a polished look. By ditching the simple T-shirt, you’re also allowing yourself the opportunity for more compliments to come your way. Honestly, who doesn’t like the sound of that?

In order for this Fashionista to stand out from the rest of the 28,000 undergrads, she adds some cool accessories. Her cute watch keeps her on time, while the ring, bracelets and earrings are strictly for show. This Fashionista has an overall cool, casual and unique look. We know she’s going to be comfortable running from class to class and will probably turn a few heads on her way.

One Simple Change: Even after our busy days on campus, our social life still calls. Meeting friends for dinner or drinks? Swap out the sandals for a pair of ankle strap heels. As I mentioned before, if you’re a fan of compliments about your outfit, be prepared because this switch will have them piling on.